Bluesound PULSE SUB+ Wireless Powered Subwoofer

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Bluesound PULSE SUB+ Wireless Powered Subwoofer

The PULSE SUB+ wireless subwoofer is designed to be that simple and it starts by using the BluOS App to quickly setup and connect the sub wirelessly to any Bluesound Player.

In the app are simple and dedicated controls for volume, crossover and phase adjustment, allowing you to easily control and adjust the sub to its optimal settings for the best listening experience.

The PULSE SUB+ includes magnetic rubber feet and a custom mounting bracket to give you the flexibility and freedom to place it anywhere in a room.

Simply find and place it in the right spot and follow the easy set-up steps in the app without ever worrying where it will go. Its versatile design lets you fit it behind or beside any type of furniture or lie it down and let it disappear under your couch until it awakes with room-shaking sound.

With a 150W Smart DSP Amplifier, coupled with a custom 8” long-throw woofer, the PULSE SUB+ is the perfect addition to any BluOS enabled home entertainment system. Its tight, dynamic power, and the ability to go down to 22Hz without distortion, makes the PULSE SUB+ ideal for almost any type of sound around the home. For extra bass, a second PULSE SUB+ can be added and controlled via the BluOS Controller App

Customer Reviews

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Crandall Craig
Bluesound refurb gear

I purchased an audio system for my home, which included a Bluesound vault 2I, a Bluesound sound bar and subwoofer and three Bluesound pulse mini 2i’s. As far as the Bluesound equipment goes, I am very pleased with the sound and performance. Enjoy ripping CDs and streaming all over my home and home office. Unfortunately there have been a few glitches. The refurbish process is not the best. Fortunately, the Bluesound technical support is excellent. One other downside which impacted my rating is the $99 charge I received for currency conversion. It’s still unclear to me, why purchasing from US locations with US dollars created a currency transaction, but there you go.

Hello, We are going to look into this issue. We would recommend contacting your bank as we have not seen this issue in the past. We will also open a ticket with our support team if you need us for any support. Thank you for choosing The Audio Factory!

Bluesound Pulse Sub Plus

The Bluesound Pulse Sub Plus was easy to pair together with the 2 Pulse Ms that are connected in stereo mode using the BluOs app. Right out of the box the build quality if the sub looks and feels great.

The Pulse Sub Plus adds the much needed low end depth of sound to the Pulse Ms when playing music or movies and the crossover feature is a nice touch. Couldn't be happier with my purchases, the Bluesound system adds clear and detailed sounds you will enjoy listening to music for hours.

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